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The OURC Health and Education Foundation has been established to provide long term financial stability to the Otago University Rowing Club and also to support its many community projects. Recently the club has been strongly supported by the University but this cannot be expected for ever. The University’s support does give the club time to build its own long-term financial base .

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The Foundation provides a reliable and safe facility for Alumni to provide long term financial assistance to their club.

Five trustees, two who are independent of the club, provide a mature and measured management of the trust to ensure that it meets its charitable purposes as set out in the Trust Deed and provides for the Club in the long term.

The Trustees are:

  • The Club President, Sergio Salis, - Club Rower 1970-75.

  • The Club Vice President, Alister Robinson - Club Rower 1969-74.

  • Businessman, Christopher O’Leary, Independent.

  • Sports Dietician and Teaching Fellow, Sara Richardson - Club Rower 1993-96.

  • U of O Nominee, U of O Chief Financial Officer, Sharon van Turnhout, Independent.

The Foundation has obtained charitable donee status so that all donations to it are tax deductible in New Zealand and formal tax receipts will be sent to all donors. Charity Number is CC53304.

Club Founder
D W Carmalt Jones

Within the Foundation we have established the Carmalt Jones Club. This club is a way for alumni to make modest contributions over a number of years and be part of a group dedicated to the club’s on-going success. An Honours Board at the club will record that support for all to see. In addition all members will receive a certificate, regular newsletters and invitations to regattas as our guest.

A number of Club members who have attained Olympic status have agreed to be Ambassadors for the Foundation and their comments in support follow.

OURC Foundation Ambassadors

Alistair Bond – Olympian, club member and a keen supporter of the Foundation.
"In my experience, OURC struck a perfect balance between having fun and being focused. Many of my fondest memories occurred at OURC events or on the numerous trips I was fortunate enough to be a part of, while the coaching and support I received has enabled me to go further in the sport than I ever thought possible."

"OURC elevated my perceptions of what I could achieve, both on and off the water. Please help secure the long term success of the club, by supporting the Otago University Rowing Charitable Health and Education Foundation."

Rebecca Scown – Olympian, club member and a keen supporter of the Foundation.
“Rowing at Otago University was not only a huge amount of fun but it gave me access to quality facilities and coaching during the winter months, which was crucial in helping develop my rowing to the next level of NZ representation.”

“The OURC Foundation is a great initiative to help continue the success of OURC. With the support of OURC Alumni, students at Otago will be able to have access to the best training and facilities while receiving the best university education.”

Ruby Tew – Olympian, club member and a keen supporter of the Foundation
“Being a part of OURC was the best decision I made, it taught me determination, work ethic, time management and how to have a whole lot of fun - these are all skills I see as really important to success in the rest of my life. It also allowed me to be a part of both the university life and the high performance environment at the same time. “

“I would urge all Alumni and friends to help support and set this great club up for the future, OURC is a great asset for all young athletes who want to one day achieve at an international level, as well as everybody else who just wants to be part of a great bunch of people.”

“I went to university to make some new friends…. turns out all the people I liked the most, were the rowers at OURC”

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The David Richwhite Storage Facility and The Marcel Gray Training Room

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