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Womens 8 Arrive In Seattle

May 2, 2012

The Otago Univeristy womens 8 crew has arrived safely into Seattle. After many hours of travel they were in need of some rest and were greeted with some very nice accommodation - you can sleep either way on the beds and your feet still won't hang over the side - Super King beds in every room! Americans even super-size sleeping!

The crew has been given a nice Pocock 8 in great condition to row as well as some good quality Croker blades and this morning the crew went for a settling in row after 2hrs of setting up the boat. The set up took so long thanks to their interesting configuration, a tandem rig with 6 and 7 both on bow side. The crew are planning another row this afternoon to see if they will keep it that way.

More to come from their adventures later.

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