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Ourc Mens 8 Win In Moscow

Sept. 11, 2011

The OURC mens 8 have won gold at the Golden Boat International regatta on the Moskva river in Moscow, Russia. The After lining up in a very cramped starting block and a scrappy first 2 km, which involved several blade clashes and crashes, OURC was in sixth place.
A clean starting crew from Estonia had moved into the favoured inside lane and were doing their best to give the chasing crews their dirty water. The five crews still in touch where within a length of each other and all fighting to move up on Estonia and into the inside lane which was a huge advantage as the majority of the course was a large bend to the left.
OURC fought back, moving though the chasing crews to pull alongside Estonia. Even though they were rowing further in the outside lane, to avoid more crashes, they traded moves for several km's and pulled to a slight lead with 2km to go. Once in the lead they didn't stop and pushed out to what would be a winning margin of 3.5 boat lengths.

A huge thank you to the Russian hosts for the opportunity to race and an amazing trip.

The winning crew:

Justin Evans (Stroke)
Alistair Bond
Michael Nisbett
Jamie Saunders
Mark O'Connor
Scott Barnsdale
Thomas Stott
Andrew Annear (Bow)
Michael Dessoulavy (Cox)

Glen Sinclair (Coach)
Craig Harper (Manager)

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OURC in Moscow

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