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Senior Men In Russia

Sept. 17, 2014

The good news is that everyone has arrived safely, with the only issue being Andrew Potters bag going missing - but it was found that it was taken by someone by mistake = as there was a bag left behind that looked exactly the same. So after Potter took 2 hours to sort this out the crew was driven to the rowing club for dinner. We had a team meeting which several athletes fell asleep in! And everyone was in bed reasonably early.
Monday morn we were up to rig the boat at 6am - slight issue was the dark!! on the water at 7:30am for a 10km row to blow out the cobwebs. All went well with the row and the boys were happy with the 2011 Filipi. We are also using Concept Blades which are different to the Croker blades that we use at home.
The crew and coach are enjoying the food with good options of cereals and cooked breakfasts.
from 10am to 5pm the team was given a tour of the city - we saw a number of beautiful cathedrals, visited a museum dedicated to the siege of Leningrad (now St Petersburg),and toured the city by boat.

The crew trained again from 6-7pm, had dinner and most were in bed for 8pm.
Weather has been good so far - temperatures of 14-20 degrees.

The racing has been moved to saturday and sunday.
Saturday is the 200m sprint and 2km race.
Sunday is the 5km race.
The whole crew will be racing at least one race. The good thing about this group of athletes is that both the crew and coach don't consider anyone to be a reserve, all the guys are very capable and can fit into the boat without any disruption.

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