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Ourc Women'S Eight To Compete In China

July 17, 2014

From the depths of the Otago winter to the height of the Chinese summer, OURC has sent a well prepared womens eight to compete in a series of international regatta's over a 3 week trip.

The squad - largely returning members from last years campaign - will endeavour to repeat the success of an unbeaten trip just 1 year ago that saw them named OURC Crew Of The Year.

They have 3 regattas, one in each of the following, Xinjin, Wuhan and Linfen cities, and have arrived in China in the past 24 hours.

OURC would like to express a huge thank you to Jim Cotter and the Physical Education team for preparing the squad for the sweltering 42 degree heat through the use of their Heat Chamber, where they were able to acclimate to the heat in preparation for racing and the advice of warming up in Ice Jackets before racing.

All the best for racing, you have immense support from the club and we are eager to hear how it goes.

OURC WOMENS EIGHT: Holly Greenslade, Ruby Tew, Kirsty Thompson, Holly Fletcher, Charlotte McIntyre, Morgan Shepherd, Oliver MacDonald, Lisa Owen, Hannah Kennedy (cox), Annabel Ronald (reserve). Natalie Matheson (coach), Glen Sinclair (manager).

We will try our very best to keep the website updated, so keep an eye out for regular updates.

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