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Womens 8 Win Heat In China

July 21, 2013

The OURC women's 8 raced in Chengdu today comfortably winning their preliminary race for lanes. The regatta was formally opened with water art and sport performances with the university crews parading past the crowd with the coxswain bearing the university flag. The field consisted of London university, Yale university, Pavia university of Italy, Paris and a Chinese crew.

The Otago girls got off to a not so ideal start, with no one lining the boats up on the start line. Consequently starting a canvas behind it was a quick game of catch up for the crew. Sitting 4th at the 250m mark some crew calls were made and soon pushed up through the 500m mark and began to lead the race by the 750m gone.

The Otago eight comfortably controlled the race in first place by clear water. London and Paris fought for 2nd and 3rd a boat length back with London pushing through as the stronger crew and gaining second place

The seating for this race was:

Jessica Hayes (stroke)
Kirsty Thompson
Laura tester
Ruby Tew
Rachael Kennedy
Holly Fletcher
Lauren Clark
Morgan shepherd (bow)

Hannah Kennedy (cox)

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